Wonder Women

This is the amazing Geeta. She lives in Bhikamkor, Rajasthan, India and is one of the pattern cutters and stitchers for KRAIT London. Geeta has the most amazing energy around her and it is such a pleasure spending time with her at the community centre.

Leela always looks so stylish it is unreal. This beautiful womAn has worked hard on the KRAIT collection and produced some fantastic pieces. She used to walk seven miles everyday to get to work. Now she can afford to rent a house next to the community centre. Leela also works as part of the education outreach team for IPHD India.

Meet Neetu who has created some beautiful pieces of clothing for KRAIT. Neetu has learned some exceptional sewing skills whilst being part of the team in the Saheli Center and you should count yourself lucky to have a piece made by this fantastic woman.

This is the super talented  Rekha. She lives in Bhikamkor, Rajasthan, India and is a seamstress for KRAIT London. She is an excellent pattern cutter and will tackle any design that is given to her, a real star on the sewing machine rekha is a huge talent. she is always keen to lear new and challenging designs.


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