KRAIT X Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development

KRAIT and what we stand for:

KRAIT is a luxury ethical fashion label with a focus on sustainability. We source and use the best quality surplus fabrics from across India. KRAIT use surplus fabric in order to create as little waste as possible in our manufacturing and to use the extraordinarily beautiful fabr-ics that are already available.

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with the Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development.

Last week I had the privilege of meeting Madhu Vaishnav the founder of IPHD India. Madhu and her team are making remarkable differences in helping empower women in the town of Bhikamkor.

In Bhikamkor the social status of women is very low, and they still maintain conservative practices such as full face veils and keeping new wives inside the home. Cultural norms encourage early marriages instead of schooling. Maternal death rates are high, anaemia is highly prevalent, and menstrual health is taboo. To find out more about the work IPDH do in Bhimamkor - click here

KRAIT are producing a new collection that will bring a completely transparent supply chain to the market. Every item of clothing that is purchased will be traceable to the wonder woman who made it. Through this collection we aim to bring awareness to women empowerment and for there to be a personal relationship within the KRAIT clothing.

'This is REAL women making clothes for REAL women'

KRAIT had the honour of visiting the women and children of Bhikamor last week and what energy these women have. It was an incredible experience to see all the work that has gone into the community centre there. IPHD are in the process of building a doctors surgery for the women and children and the construction is underway. This surgery will provide much needed healthcare and education around HIV, STI's and pregnancy. They will also be able to provide medicine for common illnesses such as malaria and anaemia.

It is truly an honour to be in a position to meet and work with these incredibly strong and inspiring women.

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