Off to the Blue City

Well, a new form of tax has been announced across India and its caused a few problems- STRIKE!

So things have had to slow down much to my disappointment. It's all admin and not much sourcing at the moment as everyone has firmly closed their shutters for a couple of days, hopefully it is all going to pick up again on Tuesday.

Last night I left Delhi in a train carriage with an inside heat of 34 degrees. What a fun journey though, I always seem to find a family who want me to join them for dinner on the train.

The Hijra's (India's transgender minority) were out in force last night. Walking up and down the train as if it was their own personal catwalk. 10rs notes fanned out between their fingers like some kind of elaborate dancing accessorie. I find them fascinating, they are somewhat mystical. The way they hold themselves and flirt with the men is fantastic.

Jodhpur is a pretty remarkable place. A photographers dream, an ever changing sea of blue blocks. I spent time here in February exploring the city. It's nice to go back to a place you know and stay in the same room you did last time, something reassuring about it.

KRAIT are having a meeting with a humanitarian company in India, they will be working along side us here in Rajasthan. What we aim to do together is going to be pretty cool, I cannot wait to fill you in at a later date. Tomorrow I am heading to the town of Bhikamkor to meet the woman who will be helping us and us them.

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