Alex - Model and Scope Charity Shop Manager

How did you hear about the brand?

I heard about KRAIT through a friend of mine I studied with at university. She is still massively involved within the fashion industry and has her finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to up and coming designers.

What made you want to work with KRAIT?

Having studied fashion myself and designed collections, I know how important is it to find the right model to suit the essence of the brand. When KRAIT approach me, I knew the process they would have gone through and if they believed I would capture the personality of the collection I couldn't let that go.

What do you like about the KRAIT Image?

The KRAIT image plays on contradiction. It plays well with shape, style and colours and the styling always has an artistic undertone. KRAIT offers a current twist to staple pieces and doesn't isolate any fashion forward market.

Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

My favourite piece from the collection is the tropical bea dress. I'm attracted to bold colours and prints which is everything this dress stands for. It can be layered and styled to make a real statement look, especially with those yellow trousers!

We hear you have also spent time in India, what was your favourite place?

I travelled india last year and completely fell in love with it as a country. Hampi was my favourite place, I felt a weird connection with it and it definitely became a spiritual home. My first evening in Hampi was also my first time crying at beauty.

KRAIT's next collection is going to have a completely transparent supply chain, why do you think that is important in the fashion industry today?

It's massively important to have transparency when it comes to the fashion industry. Buyers what to know where there clothes come from. With mass produced fashion slowly becoming less popular, investing in staple, beautifully made pieces is the way forward. Having studied fashion myself for 5 years and working within the fashion sector I believe there's a want to know the full supply chain

If you had one country in the world you could visit, where would it be?

All my life if someone has asked me, if I could visit any country in the world, where would it be, I would have always said India. I'm lucky enough to have had the chance to do that. Next on the list might have to be Australia, one of the best people I've ever met lives there. Or possibly Sweden, simply for the beers and blondes

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