Heathrow to Delhi

Smack- yes, I just tripped over my super fashionable wide leg trousers straight into Heathrow Airport. I am not pretending to be ok as I lie sprawled on the floor, shattered Iphone in hand. the electric doors continuing to open and close around me.

F+ck, just what you don't want as you are about to board a flight covering 4,159 miles to Delhi. Arriving at 12:30am, with no phone, no rupees and an airpot normally full of empty ATMs.

Delhi is like an old friend to me, I love it, but only as much as you love that friend who gets so drunk and starts crying all the time. It's fab while its good.

This is where KRAIT was born. In the hustling bustling dusty streets of Delhi, this is where it became real. The idea actually came about as I sat on the metro in Stockholm six months earlier.

So here I am back in Delhi for round two, collection number two and the humidity is not a joke.

I would love to sit here and tell you all that this is easy, a walk in the park. I swan around drinking chai and looking at palm trees, it's all glamour. Well, at the beginning it's not. I marched 3 miles today with 57 metres of fabric on my shoulder in 35 degrees heat and 85% humidity. Not so glamorous, I can assure you, but I would do it everyday.

I am going to try and document as much as I can about this experience so all of you can see the reality behind KRAIT.

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